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5 Things To Consider Before You Start an Online Course Business

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The online course business is one of the fastest-growing industries.

And, if you’re anything like most web builders I know, you probably want a piece of that highly lucrative pie.

But…. before you run head-long into selling a course you haven’t yet created it’s well worth pressing pause and taking some time to consider the 5 things that almost no one in the course creation space is talking about.

What you’ll learn in the free workbook could save you countless hours and a whole lot of frustration and confusion in the months to come…

…and encourage you to think less like a marketer and more like the difference-making teacher you aspire to become.

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Who's Behind This Anyway?

Hi I’m Dave Foy. I’m an online educator who helps digital freelancers step off the hours-for-money hamster wheel, by teaching them how to leverage their time, skills, and expertise to create and sell profitable online courses.

As a former primary school teacher, I started out teaching 5-11 year-olds in the U.K., so I know a thing or two about breaking down tough-to-grasp concepts in ways that anyone can understand.

Twenty years ago, I built my very first website. In 2003 I swapped teaching for web design and spent 15+ years hand-coding websites in-house, and latterly for a micro agency that I started with a friend.

Despite quickly becoming the co-owner of a profitable and sought-after agency, I found myself feeling unfulfilled and searching for greater meaning (I know… deep, right?).

In 2017, I threw my cards in the air again and returned to teaching, this time, online. Fast forward today, and I’ve gone from zero (read: no subscribers, no social followers of any kind, and no income) to a business with hundreds of happy students and over $250K a year in turnover.

While I still happily teach techy stuff online, I’m also on a mission to help others do the same as I did: step off the hours-for-money hamster wheel and create more freedom and meaning in their lives, by packaging their knowledge and expertise and selling it to others.

Not one to teach others stuff I haven’t done myself, I’m the creator of three online courses: The Perfect Starter Site, No Stress WordPress, and No Fear Funnels. I created them to help non-coder designers build their businesses faster and more profitably with WordPress and Elementor.

I also co-created High Ticket Sales Funnels with my good mate, Troy Dean, from Agency Mavericks.