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Dave Foy presents

Build With Bricks

An online course taking you step-by step through creating a simple website with Bricks builder with an efficient workflow.

This is a presale. This special pre-order pricing now closes TUESDAY Nov 22nd 11:59PM Pacific.

Dave Foy

Hi, I’m Dave Foy.

Since 2017, I’ve helped 1000s of non-coders build better, more profitable WordPress sites. You might know me from teaching Elementor, or my hugely popular course, No Stress WordPress.

After becoming a little frustrated with Elementor’s slow page load speeds, buggy updates, and lack of true global styling, the hunt was on for a better way of building WordPress websites.

After a LOT of research and testing—including all the Gutenberg page builder plugins—I landed on Bricks builder. And I’m LOVING it.

It’s super fast, very reliable (hello, peace of mind!), and has all the right features for quickly and efficiently creating dynamic websites, that are super easy to maintain and update.

Yes, Bricks does have some advanced features, if you need them. But I truly believe Bricks is also perfect for non-coder, non-techy, non-developers, like you. If you can build websites with Elementor, you can sure build websites with Bricks!

The problem: there is a slightly bigger learning curve than a tool like Elementor (that’s totally worth it!). And much of the free training out there right now is made by developers for developers. So if you’ve ever taken a look at Bricks’ own training material, or some YouTube videos, you could be forgiven for thinking Bricks is going to be waaaay above your head.

But I’m here to tell you, it’s actually easy for non-coders to build fantastic, clean, fast, dynamic websites with Bricks. You just need a simple step-by-step guide, explained in plain English, from someone who understands the needs of beginners.

And that’s why I’ve decided to make my new Build With Bricks course.

Who Is This Course For?

This course is perfect for you if…

You’re an absolute beginner Bricks users—you don’t have to have ever used Bricks before.

You’ve maybe dabbled with Bricks a bit, or even started using it, but want to learn a faster, more efficient workflow.

You’re already familiar with a typical WordPress page builder, like Elementor (though you don’t have to have used Elementor before!)

You understand the basics of how WordPress works generally, and you at least have a passing knowledge of things like creating ‘single post’ and ‘archive’ templates to display posts.

This course is NOT for you if you’re already a confident Bricks user. If you’re intermediate or advanced, there’s nothing of value for you here. 🙂

What Will The Course Cover?

Together we’ll create a simple 4-5 page website, with a mix of static and dynamic content. You’ll learn a best-practice, efficient workflow, for fast builds and super-easy maintenance in future.

3 hours of video content, each video 5-10 mins long max. I want you up and running building websites with Bricks in no time!

Best practice in setting up Bricks and setting global theme styles.

You’ll learn how to create some solid page layouts, using my simple REM-based layout system that results in great looking designs, even if you’re not naturally a designer.

You’ll learn how to create your own global styles for any elements you like, using classes (don’t worry, this is nowhere near as ‘developery’ as it sounds–and it opens up a whole world of easy sitewide styling updates).

We’ll create simple templates, like a header and footer, a blog listing template, and a single post template, using the powerful Bricks query loop feature.

And finally we’ll explore the basics of using dynamic data with custom fields and Bricks’ powerful Element Conditions feature, to take the functionality of your Bricks websites to the next level.

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This special pre-order pricing now closes 11:59PM Pacific on TUESDAY November 22nd.

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Full video course only.

Lifetime access to this version of the course only (v1), including any updates I make to this version.

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Full Version

Full video course.

Access to private Facebook support community (6 months minimum)—direct support from me and your peers.

Lifetime access to any and all updates and remakes I may make of the course in future.

Two payment options:

$197 One-Time2x $105 PAYMENT PLAN

Zero-Risk Money Back Guarantee

If within 14 days of receiving access to the first course material you decide this course is not right for you, simply ask for a refund at and we’ll refund you right away (minus the fees we’re charged by our payment processor, Stripe).

Past Praise For Dave's Courses

Kevin Roberts

“By far and away the best training you can get, by the guy who is arguably the best instructor on the internet. This is the third course I’ve taken by Dave and they’re uniformly excellent.”

Kevin Roberts

Alisha Thomas

“I’ve never taken one of Dave’s courses before taking this one, and now I understand why everyone raves about them!”

Alisha Thomas

Casey Clair

“Dave is truly an excellent teacher with a great sense of humor to make it fun. He does a great job of breaking things down piece by piece, making it very easy to follow along and understand.”

Casey Clair

What Happens Next?

Once you’ve pre-ordered the course, what happens now?

First, just to be clear again, this is a presale—meaning, you’re pre-ordering the course which I haven’t made yet.

I’ll be getting started making the course immediately. I estimate it’ll take me approximately 4-6 weeks to fully complete, but I’ll have the good bulk of the course to you before Christmas.

If you pre-ordered the full version, then I’ll send you instructions for how to join the private Facebook support community in about 2 weeks’ time or so.

Any questions at any time? Just drop me an email at, I’ll be happy to help!

Thank you for pre-ordering Build With Bricks!