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I'm in the full swing of making my new course, From WordPress to Webflow.

(UPDATE: I've now finished making this course and already welcomed over 200 students. Sign up to be notified when it opens up again).

If you’re anything like most of my students, as a non-coder web builder, WordPress and Elementor became your tools of choice. You started every new build full of optimism, expecting to design fully functional, responsive websites with ease.

For a while, life was sweet.

But after a while, cracks began to emerge.

Constant WP plugin updates, a never-ending list of conflicts caused by those plugin updates, and the rapid pace of new buggy Elementor releases have steadily made every aspect of getting a new site live with WordPress and Elementor more frustrating and more time-consuming than ever before.

And let’s not forget the nightmarish, constant maintenance and security issues that annoy you and your clients, not to mention denting the profitability of even your highest level maintenance and care plans.

WordPress and Elementor quickly began to feel less like rock-steady, reliable tools, and more like a pair of naughty, needy children requiring constant maintenance and an ever-watchful eye.

Saddened, frustrated by the grind, and frankly bored of hearing myself mutter, “Oh FFS, what NOW?!” I began to look for alternative solutions.

I’d heard over and over again from people who’d tried Webflow and never turned back.

Turns out there is another way

As I began to play around with it myself, I discovered Webflow is a beautifully elegant web design platform with all the power you could ever need to build highly complex, dynamic websites.

What’s more, it’s completely hassle-free.

There are no plugins to update, no security concerns to worry about, no hosting to choose and configure, and no stressing about what might randomly break while your back is turned!

There’s zero bloat, just beautifully clean code, making it ridiculously simple to hand sites over to clients knowing they’ll find editing their content an absolute breeze.

And instead of the pseudo-promise of full control of global styles that actually left you stuck with only the options and controls Elementor provides, Webflow genuinely gives you completely unrestricted global styling control and the freedom to create literally anything you can imagine.

As cheesy as it might sound, I can honestly say the process of building and designing my new website in Webflow gave me my mojo back.

So my new course—From WordPress To Webflow—is all about helping you make the transition, from frustration and stress to the pleasure of a secure, stress-free, bug-free platform with lightning-fast load speeds and total design freedom.

It's not just another 'how to use Webflow' training—there's plenty of that already, although the course will take you step-by-step. But it's more than that—I’m sharing the tried-and-tested methodology and complete system I developed for myself. And it's aimed specifically at the needs of peeps stuck with a WordPress mindset.

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I've already welcomed over 200 students to the course. If you want me to let you know when the doors open again, hop over to this page. You'll be the first to know.