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[Making Of… #13] The Hangover

What’s this? In 2021 I made a course called From WordPress To Webflow. This post is one of a series of behind-the-scenes emails I wrote as I went along, exclusively for my email list (start here).

Remember me?

I know, I know. The last email I sent in my Making of an Online Tech Course series was nearly 3 weeks ago.

It can’t be? *checks calendar again*

Nope, it is.


Sorry for disappearing on you.

It begs the question:

What on earth have I been doing?!

Have you seen the film, The Hangover? The one where Doug goes to Vegas with his best friends Phil and Stu and his soon-to-be brother-in-law, Alan, and then Doug mysteriously goes missing for almost the entire rest of the film?

Well, it’s been a bit like that.

When I say a “bit” like that, I mean it’s not been like that at all.

No. Actually, it’s all rather more mundane.

First, I had a week off. Spent it walking for many miles in glorious sunshine in the British countryside (decidedly not Vegas).

Above: proof that I do leave the house, occasionally. That’s my ‘concentrating on taking a selfie’ face.

And I had that week off because that particular week was week 8 of our ongoing 8-week work cycles.

I have a note to tell you soon all about how I plan and run my business based on 8-week work cycles. It’s been an absolute game-changer, one of the best things to happen to my business, right up there with discovering the book, Essentialism. I think it could be helpful for you too. More on the work cycles soon.

And also… I’ve just had my head down, getting this course made. A dull excuse, I know.

Making great courses is hard. And hey, making crappy courses isn’t easy either!

It’s all going really great. I’m very deep into making the videos and all the resources now, and I’ll bring you up to speed on progress very shortly. Launching soon!

But I basically made a judgement call that I needed to prioritise just getting on with it, versus spending some of that time telling you all about it.

Having said that, I was thoroughly enjoying telling you about it.

And I’ll put my head above water again later in the week to bring you up to speed… including filling you in on those 3 big decisions I left you hanging on a cliff edge with last time. Oops.

Back soon.