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[Making Of… #17] Fancy A Preview?

What’s this? In 2021 I made a course called From WordPress To Webflow. This post is one of a series of behind-the-scenes emails I wrote as I went along, exclusively for my email list (start here).

So far, a lot of this ‘Making of…’ series has been about concepts and thinking and stuff that makes my head hurt a bit.

So today, let’s have a change of pace.

I thought I’d share with you a work in progress.

This is a rough video of a lesson from the end of Module 3.

You’ll see I still need to add in my camera footage, plus a few animations and graphics here and there.

Plus, much of it won’t make sense without you having followed along with the previous 3 modules’ worth of lessons leading up to this point.

But you’ll get the gist.

Irk alert: every other video in the course is strictly between 5-10 minutes long. It galls me that this one’s nearly 4 minutes over my self-imposed time limit.

But it’s not worth losing sleep over, right? (I keep telling myself… the breathing exercises are helping…)

I’ll follow up next with a look at the course structure and the actual making of the lessons/videos.