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[Making Of… #20] Behind-The-Scenes: Hardware

What’s this? In 2021 I made a course called From WordPress To Webflow. This post is one of a series of behind-the-scenes emails I wrote as I went along, exclusively for my email list (start here).

It’s the weekend!

And to celebrate*, I thought I’d record you a quick 10 minute behind-the-scenes walkthrough of the various bits of hardware I’ve been using to make my new From WordPress To Webflow course.

(*I’m sure you can find better ways to celebrate )

It’s quite wobbly footage, just a very quick/rough thing filmed on my phone.

Mics, cameras, teleprompts, lights, how I use three screens, and more.

Hope you find it interesting/useful.

This was the hardware. Next up: a walkthrough of the software and apps I’ve used.