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[Making Of… #5] What A Slacker

What’s this? In 2021 I made a course called From WordPress To Webflow. This post is one of a series of behind-the-scenes emails I wrote as I went along, exclusively for my email list (start here).

You might have noticed this series has ground to a bit of a halt recently. In fact, the most recent update was 2 weeks ago now.

What a slacker!

Actually, no. Progress stopped for two reasons:

One: just after the last email in the series I got completely engrossed and in the zone for the full week, going the extra mile creating something exciting for the new course—I’ll save the details for tomorrow’s email.

And two: the health issues I was hospitalised with over Christmas made an unwelcome re-appearance. Sigh.

It’s ok, after a bit of a nightmare week, all is well now, honestly.

One upside to this most recent episode is that I’m getting even better at figuring out which certain foods really don’t like me!

So the good news, tomorrow I’ll kick-start my Making of an Online Tech Course behind-the-scenes series again, picking up where we left off.

I have to say it’s at times like these I feel fortunate to have a business model selling online courses. I’ve been forced to take time off quite a bit over the last few months and I’ve not had to worry about clients one bit—either servicing their needs or acquiring new ones. It’s one of the reasons I can recommend a business teaching online so highly.

Ok, tomorrow I’ll take up where we left off.