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Does any of this sound familiar?

If you’re anything like many of my students over the past 6 years, you got started with web design because you wanted to be creative and build a lucrative business in the process.

You chose WordPress because they said it’s easy to use, and has all the plugins and tools a non-coder could need.

And with WordPress, you saw yourself designing fully functional, highly responsive websites and creating seamless user experiences on behalf of your clients.

Only things aren't quite shaping up that way right now...

You’ve already used page builder plugins that promised to make web building easy… but they suffered from slow page load speeds, buggy updates, and the lack of true global styling that a professional web designer needs.

You’re overwhelmed by the massive list of options for building websites with WordPress, and sick of researching and procrastinating about which page builder you’re going to use from now on.

You’ve heard that Bricks builder might be the answer… but you’re up until the early hours, trawling through free YouTube videos, trying to piece together the solution to your problem. And you’re still not able to confidently complete a full website from start to finish with Bricks.

Some of the free Bricks training out there right now is great! Excellent, even. But a lot of it feels like it’s made by developers for developers. And as a result, you’re feeling overwhelmed and frustrated, thinking Bricks is way beyond your capabilities.

Meanwhile, your family and friends can’t remember the last time you said “yes” to anything or didn’t cancel plans at short notice, cos you’re always chasing a deadline due to lack of confidence in your professional tools, and no solid workflow.

When it comes to building a web design career that's both lucrative and fulfilling... there's a much easier way.


I’m Dave Foy, and I’m about to show you how to build professional WordPress websites up to 10x faster, with zero confusion and maximum confidence—with Bricks builder.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve loved helping people.

Fun fact: I’m actually a qualified teacher.

For 10 years, I taught 7-11 year olds in the UK so I know a thing or two about breaking down tough-to-grasp concepts in ways that literally anyone can understand.

26 years ago, I built my very first website—yikes! In 2003 I turned pro and now have 20+ years’ experience building and coding websites and working with non-coder designers.

And over the last 7 years, I’ve helped thousands of non-coders—like you—build better, more profitable WordPress sites.

These days, we have a HUGE array of WordPress page building tools at our disposal. This should be easy… right?

But I STILL see non-coders struggling to settle on a solid builder and find a workflow that allows them to create and maintain websites with ease.

Dave Foy

Ready For The Shortcut?

I’ve thoroughly tested every WP page builder over the last year or so (including Gutenberg).

It was an easy decision to settle on Bricks builder as my page builder of choice.

Imagine a super-fast, reliable, and feature-rich page builder that makes creating dynamic websites a breeze while being easy to maintain and update.

That’s Bricks builder for you!

And I decided to create the ultimate course to give you the shortcut you need, to confidently create fully functional, dynamic websites with this awesome page builder.

Build With Bricks is an online course for ambitious non-coders like you, who are ready to learn how to build rock-solid WordPress websites quickly and more profitably than ever before. 

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Screenshot of Dave Foy teaching inside Build With Bricks

I’ve been a web designer for over 20 years. I’ve used more website building platforms and frameworks than I can remember.

And I truly believe that Bricks builder is the web design holy grail. It’s perfect for non-techies who need a user-friendly page builder without sacrificing power or flexibility.

That’s why I created Build With Bricks—a simple, step-by-step guide that speaks your language.

This foolproof course is designed for non-coders who want a shortcut to transitioning to a superior page builder without getting lost in technical jargon.

Who is Build With Bricks for?

This course is perfect for you if...

You’re an absolute beginner Bricks users—you don’t have to have ever used Bricks before.

You might have dabbled with Bricks a bit, but want to learn a faster, more efficient workflow.

You’re already familiar with a typical WordPress page builder, like Elementor (though you don’t have to have used Elementor before!)

You understand the basics of how WordPress works generally, and you at least have a passing knowledge of things like creating ‘single post’ and ‘archive’ templates to display posts.

This course is NOT for you if you’re already a confident Bricks user. If you’re intermediate or advanced, there’s nothing of value for you here.

"Now, I confidently build websites from scratch using Bricks builder"

“Before enrolling in Build With Bricks, I felt intimidated by Bricks Builder, especially coming from an Elementor background. Most of the tutorials I found seemed to cater to developers, leaving a non-developer like me lost.

However, this course completely turned things around for me.

Under Dave’s patient guidance, with his step-by-step approach tailored to non-English speakers, I was able to grasp every concept quickly. I love how everything in Bricks seems so simple once you’ve explained it in such a clear and precise way. Bravo!

I haven’t looked back at Elementor since.

Now, I confidently build websites from scratch using Bricks builder. And what’s even better is the option to revisit any part of the course whenever I need to refresh my memory – every topic is covered thoroughly.

Love the way you structured the modules so logically, so many insightful moments along the way.

To anyone considering enrolling I can only say: Just do it. You won’t regret it!

Thierry Dupont

"Probably the best value course I have ever taken."

“I have to say, the prospect of learning yet another page builder for WordPress was a daunting one. But I needn’t have worried. Build With Bricks breaks everything down into logical, bite-sized steps.

I had zero knowledge of Bricks before I started the course, and it took me all the way to now using Bricks on live web projects for my clients.

I can’t imagine how much frustration and time I saved thanks to the shortcuts and gothchas that you pointed out along the way—not to mention the incidental design tips and best practice advice thrown in for good measure.

Probably the best value course I have ever taken.”

Duncan McMillan
Duncan McMillan

"I wish everyone had the ability to explain things the way you do"

“Your courses never disappoint, and your Bricks course is no exception. I wish everyone had the ability to explain things the way you do.

For example, your lesson on CSS Grid was fantastic. It was the first explanation of CSS Grid that actually made sense to me without my brain hurting. You made it feel like common sense.

So, I always walk away from your courses feeling confident in a new skill or how to use a new tool, plus I also just feel more confident in my ability as a web designer.

I’m already starting to think about transitioning exclusively to using Bricks Builder. Once you realize the power a builder like Bricks gives you, it’s hard to go back.”

Lisa Ratzlaff
Lisa Ratzlaff

Here's what we'll be covering in each module...

Module 1

Install & Set-Up

We’ll quickly get Bricks installed, and take a quick tour of the basic options, so you know where everything is.

You’ll then have a quick tour of Bricks’ settings. The defaults are pretty sensible, but there a few you particularly need to be aware of that I advise changing upfront.

And then you’ll get familiarised with the logically-designed Bricks editor UI, ready for action.

Module 2

Global Theme Styles

It’s absolute best practice to set your global theme styles first before diving into a build—you’ll make things much easier for yourself.

You’ll import my premade Style Guide template to make setting global styles a lot easier. 

From there I’ll guide you through setting all your important global styles, with explanations WHY: colour palette, typography, layout components, buttons, and more.

I teach you how to very easily create your own automatic fluidly responsive typography and spacing framework.

This removes ALL decision-making about font sizes and spacing values… is waaaaay easier to maintain in future… and results in beautiful fluid responsive typography and spacing/padding that looks perfect, everywhere. 👌

And I’ll make the case for using REM measurements instead of pixels, for tons of benefits for you and your sites’ visitors (though you can still use pixels in this course if you prefer). In any case, the typography and spacing framework you’ll create will handle REMs for you automatically.

Module 3

Layouts with Flex & CSS Grid

In Module 3 you’ll learn how to quickly create all kinds of rock-solid, responsive layouts.

You’ll learn to build all kinds of common (and more complex) column grid layouts with CSS Grid.

And you’ll learn how to use Flexbox for its intended purpose: to align individual elements within columns.

By the end of this module you’ll have a sound understanding of both Flex and CSS Grid, and able to confidently create all kinds of typical and not-so-typical layouts.

Module 4

Headers & Footers

In this module you’ll learn how to design and create header and footer templates that’ll appear across the site.

You’ll learn how to use Flexbox to easily align header and footer elements in any way you can think of, and for all responsive screen sizes.

I’ll walk you step-by-step through how to build any navigation menu you can think of, with the new nav menu builder introduced in Bricks 1.8.

I’ll also walk you through designing your mobile menu, again using the powerful new nav menu features in Bricks 1.8.

And you’ll see how Bricks’ powerful Template Conditions make it super simple to show, or hide, your header and footer sections on your site wherever you like.

Module 5

Dynamic Templates

Now you’re adept at creating solid layouts and have mastered the Bricks editor, it’s time to step things up a gear to create dynamic templates—this is the key to being able to create more complex websites.

Through this module we’ll step-by-step create a range of dynamic templates, such as single post and archive templates. Most people struggle to get archive templates to work at first—you’ll have no such trouble after following these lessons.

You’ll learn how to add pagination to your archive templates, and we’ll also set up archives for your posts categories, including creating menus and links to your category pages in a variety of different ways.

And we’ll wrap up with a powerful use case for Element Conditions, where you’ll learn how to display a different CTA block at the end of blog posts, depending on which category the blog post is in. This is where you’ll really come into your own as a Bricks designer and developer.

Module 6

Classes: Typography & Colour

Classes are the feature that unlocks the real power of Bricks, in my opinion! Classes make it much faster to build a website… you can globally style ANYTHING with classes, however you like… and they’re far better for page speed performance.

You’ll learn how easy it is to create your own unique and completely globally-editable styles, for elements like pre-headers, dividers, backgrounds, text sizes, and more.

And you’ll discover how to ‘chain’ classes together in Bricks, to make it easier to maintain alternative versions of the same style. Your mind may be blown by how this makes it so much more efficient for building and maintaining websites.

Module 7

Classes: Layout (+ Go Live)

In this module we’re continuing using classes, this time making our layouts faster to build, easier to maintain, and quicker to load.

We’ll be working through layout elements we’ve already built throughout the course (the long way) and instead enhancing them with classes.

You’ll learn to easily globally manage layout components like alternative section and container sizes, grids, margins, and much more. 

And we wrap up with a final lesson on going live with your first Bricks website (exciting!) This isn’t an exhaustive go-live procedure, we just cover anything that’s part of the go-live process that specifically relates to Bricks. 

In closing, I mention a few recommendations for next steps, like ACSS and Frames, if you want to further streamline and super-charge your Bricks website building process. In fact, you get a FREE bonus 15-part course—The Power of ACSS—teaching how to use this amazing Bricks framework.


Free Bonus Extra Training

I’m gradually adding free bonus lessons on a range of different topics not covered in the main part of the course.

Learn how to create powerful Bricks functionality such as Interactions, Popups, ACF, dynamic custom fields, and more.

I also just added four brand new lessons teaching you how to create your own automatic fluidly responsive typography and spacing framework. This removes ALL decision-making about font sizes and spacing values… is waaaaay easier to maintain in future… and results in beautiful fluid responsive typography and spacing/padding that looks perfect, everywhere. 👌

Enjoy complementary lifetime access to all bonus extras added to the course.

Say Goodbye to Frustration and Hello to Effortless Web Design

With Build With Bricks, you’ll no longer waste hours searching for answers in tutorials made for developers.

Instead, you’ll gain the confidence to say “yes” to any project, and effortlessly build fully-functional, highly responsive websites that create seamless user experiences for your clients.

Are you ready to unlock the full potential of Bricks builder and take your web design skills to the next level?

Enroll in Build With Bricks today and start building faster, more profitable WordPress websites with ease!

Enroll in Build With Bricks Today

Eric Stemen

“This is the best course I’ve ever taken in my life. If you’re thinking about getting Bricks, I can’t recommend this course enough.”

Eric Franzon

“Because of what I learned in this course, I’ve been able to reduce my development time of client websites to a fraction of what it was before.”


“Just finished your Build With Bricks course and my mind is well and truly blown. This will make things so efficient for building and maintaining WordPress websites!”

Richard Hartland

Ulf Krueger

“I never enjoyed learning so much! Audio and video quality is top-notch, and all explanations are very easy to understand. Love your humor as well. Best ever investment for my gray cells! “

Ulf Krueger


“This course is a brilliant shortcut to learning Bricks. It’s saved me countless hours tinkering around, making mistakes and learning things the “hard” way. If you’re on the fence, just do it!”

Annie Middleton

Wanna see a sample lesson?

"I defy you to find a better instructor on the internet!"

“When Bricks came out, I snagged the LTD before beta testing was complete, and kept it on the back burner, waiting for a decent course to come along that could teach me the whole thing properly.

Dave Foy’s “Build with Bricks” was that course.

Now, I knew what to expect since I’d already completed several Dave Foy courses in the past, and I’ve loved them all). So, it was a no-brainer to jump on the pre-sale for his Bricks course.

And, no surprise, it was excellent.

This course gives you a solid foundation on how to develop in Bricks (and why you’d want to). The lessons are logically structured and thorough.

And, Dave’s delivery of the material is totally engaging. He really is a nice guy, and I defy you to find a better instructor on the internet!

I unreservedly recommend this course.”

Kevin Roberts
Kevin Roberts

"Hands down one of the best investments you can make as a web designer"

“Dave Foy’s Build With Bricks course is hands down one of the best investments you can make as a web designer.

The course is incredibly well-structured and comprehensive, covering everything from design principles to technical skills.

What sets this course apart from others is Dave’s teaching style, which is clear, concise, and easy to follow. He uses real-world examples and provides practical tips that you can immediately apply to your work.

Overall, I would highly recommend Dave Foy’s Bricks course to anyone looking to improve their web design skills and take their career to the next level.

Again, thanks for such a fantastic course.”

Charles Daniels
Charles Daniels

Miodrag Veljovic

“Dave overdelivered for sure. His teaching style is exceptional. He really takes time to thoroughly explain every single detail.”

Helen Ryle

“I’m very very happy that I took Build With Bricks. I can recommend the course, and Dave, wholeheartedly.”

Here's what you get when you enroll in Build With Bricks...

Build With Bricks Online Course

Seven easy-to-implement, highly actionable video modules that will get you up to speed with building awesome websites with Bricks FAST.

Get ready to wave goodbye to your current frustrating page builder.

Bonus Course:
The Power of ACSS

This bonus 15-part course picks up where the main course left off.

You’ll learn how to use the amazing ACSS framework to effortlessly automate all your responsive typography, spacing, colours, and grids.

ACSS+Bricks = web design heaven ❤️. And I teach you it step-by-step for free.

Facebook Support Community

Complementary minimum 6-month access to the Build With Bricks Private Facebook Community. My students tell me membership to this community is worth as much—if not more—than the investment for the course alone, for peace of mind.

All Future Bonus Training

I’ve already added extra bonus training for aspects of Bricks not covered in the main course: like Interactions, Popups, etc. 

I’m planning extra lessons on ACF,  custom fields, and more, very soon.

You’ll automatically receive complementary lifetime access to all bonus training I add to the course.

All Future Complete Remakes

As a Build With Bricks customer, you get lifetime access to all future complete remakes of the course. Yes! This means when you purchase this version now, you’ll receive completely free access to any complete remakes of the course in future.

I’m currently gearing up to make Build With Bricks 2.0, a complete remake from scratch. When it’s launched, the price will be quite a bit higher for new customers but completely free to you—and you’ll have locked-in today’s lower price forever.

Enroll in Build With Bricks today!

Limited-time exclusive masterclass discount
Money Back Guarantee

Get started with Build With Bricks today. Risk-free.

The best-practice strategies that I teach in Build With Bricks are strategies that I personally use on my own sites and have developed during my 20+ year web design career

They’re tried and tested and proven to help you design and develop WordPress websites faster, more profitably and with a greater sense of ease, with the power of Bricks builder.

If you show up, apply what you learn and make the most of all the support on offer, I have absolutely no doubt that you will be off-the-charts delighted with the course.

If, however, within 14 days of enrolling you decide this course is not right for you, simply ask for a refund at We’ll refund you right away (minus our payment processor’s fees).

Frequently asked questions

If your question isn't here, feel free to ask using the yellow chat bubble at the bottom of the screen. We'll get back to you asap.

Build With Bricks consists of around 50 short video-based lessons housed in a secure online classroom (based in—great if you’re already a member of other Circle groups). 

Beneath each video you’ll find additional resources, links and downloads.

And the specific learning points and tasks for each lesson are also beneath each video, clearly numbered.

Each lesson is between 3-10 mins long, split into bite-sized objectives. It’s really easy to go back and find specific things you’ve learnt in future.

Yes, all videos in the course have English subtitles, plus a written transcript.

No, not at all. I designed Build With Bricks assuming you’ve never used Bricks before.

I do assume, however, that you’ve used a page builder of some kind before, like Elementor, and that you have some basic knowledge of how WordPress works (pages, posts, what a single post and  archive template is, etc). I don’t spent too much time explaining those concepts in detail, just how to implement them in Bricks.

No, you can follow along with the course even if you don’t have a Bricks license yet. Bricks provides a free ‘playground’ install where you can use most of the features of Bricks.

The course starts right from the beginning assuming no prior Bricks knowledge. However, many people who take my courses often tell me they picked up all sorts of best practice tips and workflow tricks they had no idea about, even if they felt they had quite a bit of experience using a tool. 

I’d say if you’re an intermediate or advanced Bricks user though, this course is not for you.

Even for this crazy low price you get lifetime access to all the course material, any bonuses I might add, plus lifetime access to any future updates or remakes. 

I’m not promising I’ll update the course forever more—that would be a silly promise to make. But I am promising that if I do add material to the course or remake it completely, you’ll get free access to it.

I’m already planning Build With Bricks version 2.0, which will be a complete remake from scratch, going deeper into many more areas. Buy THIS version to lock-in this lower price, because the price will go up when I release the new version—you’ll get completely free access to the new version.


The main course focuses purely on native Bricks functionality. I figure that’s plenty enough for Bricks newbies to get their head around, especially if they’ve never used classes before.

However, I think ACSS is truly awesome. So I’ve made a bonus course called The Power of ACSS that picks up where the main course left off.

It’s a 15-part step-by-step walkthrough of exactly how to use ACSS to seriously speed up your web design workflow. And you get the course for free with Build With Bricks.

No. First, I simply don’t like WooCommerce. And second, it’s way outside the scope of this course, it’s the topic of a whole other course entirely.

I’ll never make training on WooCommerce so please don’t hold you breath waiting for it. 🙂

Yes, I do.

Bricks released CSS Grid just as I completed the Layout module (typical!)

So while the very first version of the course used Flexbox for layouts, I’ve since added more training on CSS Grid to update the course.

Yes, I teach you how to build a mobile menu with the superb new nav menu builder introduced in Bricks 1.8.

Yes it does! I added an in-depth extra bonus lesson on Interactions and Popups in June 2023.

That’s the plan! I’ve been busy updating the course over the last few months when new features have arrived (e.g. interactions, popups, the new nav menu builder, etc).

Note: this doesn’t constitute a promise to update the course forever more—that would be a silly promise to make. But yes, right now I have every intention of keeping this course up-to-date with all the latest developments in Bricks.

In fact, I’m currently planning Build With Bricks version 2.0, which will be a complete remake, going deeper into many more areas. The price will go up when I launch v2.0, so buy now to lock-in this lower price—you’ll get the new version completely free when it’s released.

In some ways, yes. It’s not a ‘design course’, as such. My main focus is on the technicalities of the actual build process with Bricks. 

However, throughout the course I’m constantly teaching principles of good design, baked deeply into the best practice workflow I teach.

You’ll find if you follow my framework that your sites will automatically look good, with consistent spacing and alignment, and a pleasing typographical scale.

Yes I do! In the course I teach you how to create your own automatic fluidly responsive typography and spacing framework.

This removes ALL decision-making about font sizes and spacing values… is waaaaay easier to maintain in future… and results in beautiful fluid responsive typography and spacing/padding that looks perfect, everywhere. 👌

Of course, add-on frameworks like ACSS handle all this for you and more. So in the free bonus ACSS course, I also teach you how to create beautiful auto-responsive typography and layouts with almost no effort, using ACSS.

Not as such. The rest of the client/project lifecycle beyond the actual build is outside the scope of this course. 

However, at the end of the course I do cover all the things you need to be aware of when going live with Bricks. It’s not a comprehensive go-live checklist or anything, just tasks that pertain to Bricks itself. 

I get asked a lot of questions about if I cover all kinds of specialist and/or complex functionality requirements in the course. 

If it’s not about the fundamentals of using Bricks to build the most common functionality found on most websites… the answer is usually no.

I understand the desire to want to squeeze as much training in as possible, for all possible functionality you might ever need to deliver for a client. But I’m a big believer in keeping courses ultra-focused on ONE result. Huge mega-courses that try to cover everything are usually a sprawling mess that’s no good to anyone, and no-one finishes them anyway.

Believe me, you’ll thank me for keeping Build With Bricks concise and to-the-point. 🙂

Soon after you enroll you’ll receive an email from me with a link to the group.

Just click that link, request access, and then we’ll manually approve you. 

Unfortunately it’s a manual process, but it shouldn’t be more than 24 hours before you’re in.

Hurray! Welcome to Build With Bricks!

You’ll soon receive two emails:

One from my course platform provider, with instructions to join my Learn With Dave platform on Circle.

And another directly from me, welcoming you to the course, and explaining how to join the Facebook group.

You certainly can join later, but the price will be considerably higher, and rising more each time I add more bonuses and updates.

You see, when you see something that you know you need, it’s easy to think to yourself “I’ll put this off until a “better” time.

The only trouble is, no such time exists and before you know it, you’ve wasted weeks of not benefiting from the tried and tested strategies included in the course.

Part of my role as an educator is to hold you to the same high standards that I hold for myself, and so I encourage you to take decisive action.

That’s one reason why I’m opening Build With Bricks for a short time—to help you quickly decide whether it’s the right option for you so you don’t waste time procrastinating or avoid making a decision.

And don’t forget, when you enrol you have lifetime access to the course, including all future updates, so you can easily invest now and pick it up when you have time.

Why not take advantage of this low price while you can?

You can pay with any major debit or credit card, or with PayPal, Apple Pay or Google Pay.

Yes, I also provide a means of splitting your payment across 3 months. The total you’ll pay is very slightly higher to account for the extra admin involved.

Sure! I want you to be completely satisfied that Build With Bricks is the answer to confidently and profitably building rock-solid WordPress websites that are a breeze to maintain.

If you jump in the course and decide it’s not for you, no worries. Just drop us an email – – and we’ll refund you right away.

See our refund policy for full details.