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3 Reasons Bricks Will Level Up Your Web Design Workflow

A zero-fluff on-demand FREE masterclass for non-coder Bricks beginners, revealing how Bricks can make your web builds easier, faster, and more profitable.

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Sick of researching and procrastinating about which page builder to use?

Hi, I’m Dave Foy. You might know me from my teaching Elementor, or my popular online course, No Stress WordPress?

Like you, I’ve used page builder plugins that promised to make web building easy… but they suffered from slow page load speeds, buggy updates, and a lack of true global styling that a professional web designer needs.

So I’ve spent a few months testing every WordPress builder out there! I wanted to decide which to use for my own projects from now on, as well as what to confidently recommend and teach others.

Despite really trying to love Gutenberg—don’t get me started—I’ve fallen absolutely head over heels with Bricks Builder.

Bricks has seriously levelled up my own web design workflow, and 100s of my students have experienced the same too.

Yes, even non-techie, non-coder, complete Bricks beginners!

So I invite you to join this 100% free on-demand masterclass.

Follow along as I build a Bricks layout and share just THREE of the main reasons Bricks is making my own web builds SO much faster, easier, and more profitable.

If you’re considering switching to a new builder, but feel a bit intimidated by much of the current Bricks training out there… this training is 100% for you.


Register for this action-packed, practical masterclass and discover...

Whether Bricks is the right builder for your ideal web design workflow.

Why Bricks is, in many ways, easier to use than Elementor or Gutenberg block builder tools.

How to build layouts (with both CSS Grid and Flexbox) in a way that any non-coder can understand.

Practical workflow tips on how to build and maintain websites faster and more efficiently with Bricks.

How Bricks allows you to build whatever you like, without the limitations of other tools, so you can more easily achieve your creative vision with far fewer additional plugins.

A crash course in using classes in Bricks for infinite global styling control. This is the key to faster builds, optimal efficiency, effortless future maintenance, and more profitable projects.

And after the training, you’ll have the chance to enroll in my flagship course, Build With Bricks, for a special masterclass-only price.


Who's Behind This Masterclass Anyway?

I’m Dave Foy 👋

25 years ago, I built my very first website. In 2003 I turned pro, and now have 20 years’ experience building and coding websites, and working with non-coder designers.

Fun fact: I’m a qualified teacher. For 10 years, I taught 5-11 year olds in the UK, so I know how to break down tough-to-grasp concepts in ways that literally anyone can understand.

I’m well-known in the WordPress community as the creator of several popular online courses, including No Stress WordPress, No Fear Funnels, and Build with Bricks.

Over the last 6 years I’ve helped tens of thousands of non-coder web designers build their businesses faster and more profitably with my training.

I also co-created High Ticket Sales Funnels with my good friend Troy Dean at Agency Mavericks, and made both the Elementor 101 and Spectra 101 courses for WP101.com.

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3 Reasons Bricks Will Level Up Your Web Design Workflow

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