Privacy Policy

Last updated: November 4th 2022.

Here’s a summary of my approach to the privacy of your data, in simple terms.

In short, I take the privacy of your data very seriously. I will never sell or otherwise pass on any of your personal data to anyone else.

My website will place cookies in your web browser, to enable me to better understand who is visiting my site and how you use it, as well as to tailor the content better for your needs. Your viewing my website means you’re happy with me placing those cookies.

If you send me a message via my contact form your name and email address will be stored in my email client and I’ll only use it to reply to you. Filling in my contact form does not place your email on any email list database. 

If you opt in to any of my free resources, your first name and email address will be stored in my email marketing software—ConvertKit. If you opt in, I’ll send you regular helpful emails that you can unsubscribe from instantly with one click at any time. I won’t pass your email address onto anyone else.

I use a lead capture tool called ConvertBox which collects your name and email address when you opt in to any of my free resources and sends it to my email marketing software. ConvertBox does not store your details.

I use a visitor analytics tool called Fathom which does not collect any personal data.

Feel free to ask me for a copy of personal data I’ve collected about you, or if you’d like me to delete that data, or if you have any questions about how I capture and store your personal data.