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I’m the guy you turn to if you want to learn how to create profitable online courses and teach the tech online.

Dave Foy

Leverage your time, knowledge, and expertise by creating and selling online courses that make a difference to the lives of others

Dave FoyDave Foy

If you’re anything like most business owners I’ve met, you chose to go it alone because you wanted more freedom:

  • Freedom to decide the types of clients and projects you say “yes” to.
  • Freedom to work from wherever you choose.
  • And freedom to control your hours and set your own schedule.

For a time, you felt like you had it made. But pretty soon, you felt like you were back where you started

Feeling beholden to your clients, juggling way too many priorities, and exhausted from working 24/7.

Of course, you’ve already implemented everything you can to maximise your time and build the lifetime revenue of your clients.

Productised services? Check!

Care plans? Check!

Ongoing consultancy? Check!

You’ve even added sub-contractors to help spread the load.

The only problem is... every single project still requires a lot of your input.

If this sounds like the story of your life... I can help!

More specifically, I can help you turn the problems you help your clients solve one-to-one into profitable online courses that you can sell one-to-many.

Dave Foy

Just a few years ago, I was married to client work, slogging through web design projects I didn’t always believe in, and desperately searching for greater meaning.

I walked away from a successful business and a schedule that never felt like my own and started a profitable online education company teaching tech online.

In the last three years, I’ve attracted a community of loyal and engaged followers, become a known and trusted expert in my niche, and built a multiple six-figure business from my at-home office.

But, most importantly, I’ve regained my freedom.

I know that if I can experience this kind of fulfilment and success through teaching tech online, there’s no reason why you can’t too.

Dave Foy

Want to hear more about how I swapped my career as a web builder to build a multiple six-figure business teaching tech online?

Grab a cuppa and make yourself comfy, and get set to hear about my journey, warts and all...

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