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This is a now page—an updated page of what I’m currently up to.

The last few weeks have been all about radically simplifying everything, à la Essentialism. I’ve been burning anything down that’s not serving me well any more.

I’m focusing all efforts on promoting and supporting one product, one funnel—my Build With Bricks course.

I’m really enjoying making epic YouTube videos again.

Desperate to remake Build With Bricks from scratch as v2.0—I have some radically different ideas for the concept, course structure, pricing, the support model.

But… I’m (not very) patiently waiting for Bricks to release v2.0 of the builder. A major version number may bring some major changes. I’m not going to spend ages making a course that becomes obsolete overnight. So… I’ll keep waiting.

Just returned to CrossFit after a 10-year break. Been spinning my wheels in a regular gym since. Now in my sixth decade, I’m determined to be as strong and healthy as I can be. CrossFit is pretty brutal, but the adaptation required to get fitter and stronger doesn’t happen by snoozing in your comfort zone.

Current status: the happiest I’ve ever been. Shit doesn’t stick any more.