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Fast-track your progress to becoming a successful online course creator

Let me guess... one of these sounds familiar?

  • You want to teach online… but don’t know where to begin?
  • You’ve already sold a course… but sales have been disappointing?
  • You had a load of course sales to start with… but sign-ups have come to a screeching halt?

Over the last few years I’ve built a multiple 6-figure online education business from scratch, making and selling tech-focused courses.

And since then I’ve loved to help many budding course creators—just like you—dismantle their misconceptions, bust their limiting beliefs, skip past all the mistakes everyone else makes, and finally get unstuck.

And I’m ready and raring to help you too.

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Dave Foy
Mike Oliver

I wanted to make an online course for GeneratePress & GenerateBlocks users, but I quickly realized there’s a lot more to it than you think. Between trying to decide on a platform, the course structure, pricing, and basically feeling lost, I finally reached out to Dave.

Dave patiently helped me figure out not only the practical aspects of making and launching courses, but guided me through a ton of obstacles I was dealing with. There’s no way I’d have figured this stuff out on my own.

My calls with Dave gave me the knowledge and mindset to successfully launch my first course, which generated more income than my previous annual salary as a senior designer. I’ve since transitioned my course into a membership community that’s growing day by day.

Dave knows his stuff and if you’re thinking of making an online course, I highly recommend you speak to him first.

Web Designer

I wanna give Dave a heartfelt thank you. He encouraged me to take massive action and run a pre-sale which made $12,000… talk about value!! This is an enormous win for me.

Dave helped me break down many of my self limiting beliefs and do things I wouldn’t have otherwise even considered. I came away from our calls feeling so excited and ready to implement what we discussed.

I can’t speak highly enough of Dave, his knowledge of teaching online and selling tech-based courses, and coaching. Don’t hesitate for a second to book a call.

Web Designer

Jonathan Jernigan


Got questions? The answer may be below. If you have any other questions before booking the session, don't hesitate to ask.