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Teaching Online: One Year On

In my last post, I shared one of my journal entries from exactly 5 years ago with you.

It was the day I’d had the very first seed of an idea to build an online course business teaching web designers.

I’d have forgotten all about that if it wasn’t for Day One‘s ‘On This Day’ feature.


Gotta say, it made me smile remembering that time again—full of hope and excitement when you have a new idea and anything seems possible (till you actually have to do the work, obvs…)

So what amused me even more was Day One presenting me with another entry, from the exact same day, one year later.

It has a rather different vibe. 🙂

In the interests of balance I’d like to share this one with you too. I’ll explain why at the end.

(For context: Up to this point I’d spent 4 months making YouTube videos and building a small email list. I was about to launch a presale for the new course idea I had, the one that ultimately became No Stress WordPress).


15th July 2017

I’m consumed by fears and doubts at the moment. It’s crippling. I’m procrastinating, second guessing, going round in circles. I’m doubting my plans, my strategy, everything.

I’ve got to remember:

  • I only started this about 4 months ago.
  • I have tons to offer.
  • I’m also still learning all this stuff.
  • You can try things and change if it’s not right. Nothing’s set in stone.
  • Have confidence. Whatever happens is ok. No-one’s gonna die (or if they do, man, you’ve seriously taken a wrong turn).

Today I sent out personal emails to about 80 hand picked people in total from the list, asking them about the idea. I know I should just email the whole list about it but I’m absolutely f**ing terrified. Putting off opening my email to see the replies tbh.


Oh dear! 2016’s optimism soon took a turn didn’t it?

Why am I sharing this with you?

Mainly because:

Whether you want to make online courses like I do…

Or you’re just hovering over doing something that’ll take you out of your comfort zone (which I highly recommend)…

And you’re feeling similar fear, doubts, and procrastination…

I hope it’s helpful seeing a glimpse of the truth of the matter: that everyone else feels the same way.

Or at least, most normal people anyway.

Have you experienced similar feelings about doing something that scares you, that you know you have to do?

Maybe you’re going through something like that now?