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Teaching Online: The Exact Moment I Had The Idea

Today, I want to quickly share something with you.

I’ve kept a journal on and off for a few years now. I sometimes use a paper notebook, sometimes Day One.

Day One has a great ‘On This Day’ feature, where it shows you entries from this day in previous years.

Today’s ‘On This Day’ from 5 years ago today made me smile

(Especially the bit about Divi, lol. At this point though, Divi was the only half-decent page builder I knew about… I soon after discovered the fledgling Elementor).​

15th July 2016

I’ve hit on a bit of a breakthrough regarding a business idea.

I’d had in mind for a while a course training people how to use Divi to build websites easily. Something about it put me off – lack of a distinct audience; only writing about using a specific piece of software.

But today I realised that if it was aimed at designers (like Paul S and Lee W) who want to build websites and make extra revenue but don’t know how… I have a defined audience, with a defined problem that I definitely know how to solve. They’re also an audience who’d be willing to pay.

I’ve got 13 years’ experience of the whole process:

  • Pitching (surveys, proposals).
  • Contracts.
  • Planning, wireframing, content delivery.
  • Setting up the server and WordPress.
  • Building the site.
  • Training the client.
  • Launch checklist.
  • Maintenance.
  • More advanced stuff (e.g. conversion, funnels).

And probably more besides. All sorts of paid and free content ideas there: a Divi course, contracts, proposals, checklists, surveys, tools, plugins, etc.

I’m going to run with this, start speaking to all the designers I know to find out how I can help them and what they’d want to know. It’d be a great use of years of experience AND teaching AND writing AND tech. Perfect! I don’t know why I didn’t realise this before.

Feels like it could be a winner.


5 years today! And that’s where it all started. Bless.

Thank goodness the Divi idea didn’t last long, eh?

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